Christmas Gifts For Beginner Knitters

Beginner Knitters 101

Dec 11

Christmas gifts can spark a new hobby or interest. Just think of those few presents that you had as a child that have stayed with you through your life, even if not physically, but into who you are now.

Did you get a calculator that went everywhere with you between the ages of 7 and 15?
You had it in your pocket when you were walking to school,
you always put it in your rucksack when you went on a bike ride,
and it came out whenever you were playing Game of Life or Monopoly (you had to be banker!).
The best bit is…. you’re now the finance manager for the local theatre!

Were you given a recipe book that was worn ragged, has dough splodges and splashes of tomato sauce, pages stuck together and a warped cover thanks to the time you spilled lemon juice?
But you remember it so well, and every time you cook an amazing lasagne for your family, you can picture the inspiring photos of every pasta bake from that very same recipe book?

My first knitting kit was a Christmas present, I still have the needles and guess what? Knitting is quite a big part of my life now too!!

If you’d like to ignite knitting in yourself and think getting some bits for Christmas to light that spark might help, I have some ideas for you.
In today’s video I talk about 5 different knitting-related gifts you can request for Christmas to get 2019 set up as the year you learn (or re-learn) to knit!

If you’d like to take a look at the beginner knitter’s course I mentioned in the video, click the image below, for a special seasonal deal, I don’t usually bundle these courses- but to get you going and spark your interest in knitting, I’m putting them all together in one purchase!
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