Knit And Natter Vlogmas Week 3

Christmas Knitting

Dec 15

Welcome to the third week of Knit And Natter Vlogmas 2018… we’re continuiing with one video every day from now until Christmas Eve!
I’ve got all sorts of goodies coming for you, so keep returning and you’ll find new knitting tips, ideas for presents, and knit-alongs dropped in occasionally too!

Day Fifteen: Knitter’s Stitch Holder

Day Sixteen: Needle Gauges

Day Seventeen: Knitter’s Stitch Markers

Day Eighteen: Knitter’s Tool Kit Odds and Ends

Day Nineteen: Gift Wrapping a Knitted Present In A Box

Day Twenty: How I’m Making My Knitting Needles Christmassy

Day Twenty One: What I Eat While Knitting

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