Drilling Down To Decreasing Diamonds

Once you’ve mastered the k2tog and p2tog you’re ready to fly with decreasing stitches. You can make the one item all knitters have to make at some point- the beanie.

It’s a simple equation: cast on + knit/purl + decreasing = beanie

See how easy that is?

And now for the diamonds….Let’s do some drilling and understand the intricacies of decreasing. This video will show you how the stitches sit as you create different decreases. Knowing these techniques are helpful, especially if you want your knitting to look that extra bit polished. If you’re using a plain yarn and working on the back of a sweater, for example, you may be creating darts to shape the curve of the back. At this point, you will want your shaped decreases to glide towards each other and it is the skpo and ssk that will help you achieve this.

**Do join us in the Facebook group, this knit-along has been and gone, but you’d still be welcome and the pattern will be delivered to your email inbox if you sign up here…**
If you’d like to practice your decreasing why not join me to make a baby beanie in the knit-along over the weekend of 7th-9th July 2017? I’d love to have you with us.

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