Ending Finger Knitting With 2 Fingers

Finger Knitting

Aug 13

How’s your finger knitting going?
If you were with me last week you could have a long strand of knitting doing really well.
Have you been knitting with the same ball of yarn or more than one this week?

Let’s finish the finger knitting today with a cast off method that’s really quick and will give you a knitted cord that won’t unravel.

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I’ll be posting every week over the summer holidays, but will also be taking a bit of a break.
Keep watching for more fun videos to keep you occupied with yarn fun during the warmer weather. I’ll be writing shorter blogposts, but you’ll still have the videos. 🙂

And if you’d like more find with knitting and other yarn crafts, there’s always the children’s knitting course with a dedicated ‘yarn craft cornner’
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