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Mar 15

Is your school closed because of the coronavirus pandemic?

I have a gift for you today, that will keep away the boredom in the afternoons, after schoolwork has been completed.

You may be aware of my course which introduces knitting and yarn crafts to children. It usually costs money, moolah, dosh.

Not at the moment! For the next few weeks, until the Friday after Easter (Friday 17th April), you can have free open access to all the video tutorials.

I wanted to do something for you during these strange times. So, while it’s not a time to be parading about trying to attach some gimmick or other to my knitting tutorials that makes them more buyable, I know these videos will be valuable to anyone who has children at home. So you can have open access without a penny changing hands.

To sign up for the free children’s knitting can crafting tutorials click here

To subscribe to the Knit With Hannah YouTube channel click here

Knitting communities may also not be able to meet up at the moment

My knitting community has coincidentally just opened up again for the annual yarn declutter.
If you’d like to join me for a month-long yarn declutter, sign up here to join. We get started decluttering on Friday 27th March. But we’re already up and running in the Facebook Group, so feel free to jump right in.
The free community will be open throughout April 2020.
I’ll be right by your side with weekly emails and weekly live videos in the Knit With Hannah Facebook Group.
We had great fun last year, I do hope you can join us. 😀


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