How To Add A New Ball Of Yarn

Beginner Knitters 101

Apr 14

When you’re knitting a large item there’s going to be one thing that’s pretty much guaranteed.

You’ll be using more than one ball of yarn.

And that means working out how to switch from one ball to another. Do you simply tie a knot and keep knitting? Or is this process a lot more complicated?

Last week when we were striping we kept both balls of yarn live, without letting one go. But this is different. One of the balls of yarn is going to finish. We don’t have a choice but to stop one ball and start the next.

Is it better to start a new ball of yarn at the beginning of a row, in the middle or at the end?

Different knitters will give you different answers. And when you’re knitting projects with different features you can use one technique or another depending on which row you’re on and how the stitches look as you knit across the row.

Watch the full video for three options, which will help you decide which method to use, depending on the type of item you’re knitting.

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