How To Knit Stripes

Knitting Basics

Apr 07

Creating stripes as you knit can be done in many ways, not least with stripey yarn!

But if you have two balls of yarn that you’d like to stripe, this is the tutorial for you. I’ll help you switch between two colours of yarn as soon as you’ve knitted a few rows to begin.

The main thing we’re trying to avoid is having multiple ends of yarn to weave in once we’ve got started.
Finishing your knitting feels like a triumph, but not if you’re faced with a mountain of work at the end.

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This tutorial shares fully how to knit stripes when knitting flat, but if you’d like to learn how to use similar techniques when knitting in the round then take a look at the weekend workshop ‘Circle Skills’. It also includes lessons on casting on in the round, knitting flat circles and converting patterns that have seams to knit on circular needles.


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