How To Knit Neat Edges

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Apr 10

Have you noticed that the edges of your rows seem looser, more filled with stitches than the middle?

It might look a bit like you’ve knitted extra stitches when in fact you’re just knitting your average garter stitch scarf or baby blanket.

If your knitting is generally a bit loose, this isn’t unusual. But also if you’re knitting every row the edges sit closer together. (Have you noticed that you have to knit more garter stitch rows to reach the same length as in stocking-stitch.) So quite simply, the edges have to take more yarn, as they’re turning the corner as well as knitting each stitch and they’re bunching together to balance out the rows.

Now, there are many solutions to this looseness. I am not going to give you them all in this video. I am going to give you the quickest, simplest solution, so you can get on with your day and knit to your heart’s content.

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