How To Cast Off- 3 methods

Beginner Knitters 101

Apr 16

Once you’ve finished your knitting, in most cases you need to use a casting off technique to remove the stitches from the needle.

How do you cast off if ribbing, and does stocking stitch need a different cast off to garter stitch?

In this video I’ll show you three cast offs, which should stand you in good stead for the majority of your knits.
1. how to cast off when knitting garter stitch,
2. how to cast off when ribbing,
3. how to cast of when knitting stocking stitch (stockinette).

And probably most importantly, also how to cast off if your knitting is tight and crucially you’ve noticed that your cast off can be too tight for sewing seams and finishing your knits sometimes too.

Each one has easy to make mistakes so listen to my nattering while I knit, as I’ll give you some top tips for that too. 😀

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