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Feb 12

If you’re coming across psso in your knitting pattern you might be wondering what on earth it means!
Quite simply, the most confusing thing about psso is that it is usually combined with other abbreviations to make a larger textured section. Let’s face it, not many knitters are that keen on long strings of abbreviations!

Psso stand for Pass Slipped Stitch Over, which means that you can’t avoid slipping a stitch first. That doesn’t mean that you’re going to trip over it like Bug’s Bunny slipping on a banana skin!
You’ll need to move a stitch without knitting it. I’ll show you how to do that in today’s video.

As a result, you’ll be more than capable of knitting a repeating lace pattern, or shaping and decreasing in different ways once you’ve got psso under your belt.

If you’d like to knit along, you can either pick up your knitting, where you’ve found the abbreviation, or knit up a swatch with some spare needles and yarn. I’ll be giving you a whole series of abbreviation tutorials in the next few weeks. You could keep the swatch handy and knit along each week.

For a sample swatch to practice all the abbreviations from February and March 2019, download the mentioned pdf with swatch pattern and demo links here or click the image below:

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