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Feb 19

Knitting kfb isn’t as difficult as it looks.
Of course the first instinct when you see the abbreviation translator is ‘how do you knit into the front and back of a stitch at the same time?’

But take a look at the stitch, there’s one loop making the stitch. The focus needs to be for kfb, that part of the loop sits at the front of the needle and part of it sits at the back. That’s what the abbreviation is all about.

It can feel really fiddly, though.

And yes, it can start to feel as if the stitch is getting too tight or it’s ruining the stitch in the previous row. Don’t panic!
We’ll figure it out. Let’s also look at the lengthened versions of kfb, which are kfbf and kfbfb.

Quite some tongue-twisters!

For a sample swatch to practice all the abbreviations from February and March 2019, download the mentioned pdf with swatch pattern and demo links here or click the image below:

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