How To Slip Stitch Purlwise With Yarn In Front (WYIF)

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Jul 02

Slipping stitches can give some amazing results when you’re knitting.

You can slip stitches when you’re knitting with colour and create some intricate details. Stripes are suddenly patches and vertical columns of colour that infer that you’re an amazingly advanced knitter of Fair Isle fame.

But what you may not realise is that you can see fabulous textures if you slip stitches across one colour of yarn and do it consistently over a large pieces of fabric.

These textures can become foundations for knitting scarves and cowls without even needing a pattern to follow. All you have to do it cast on some stitches and start using this simple technique through a few balls of yarn.

You’ll be warm and cosy once you’ve knitted through a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy or Stranger Things (yep, I’m looking forward to a binge with that later this week!). Or as I’ll probably be doing over the next few days, a few sets of live-streamed Wimbledon tennis!

Find out today how slipping with yarn in front will look on the knit side of fabric and on the purl side of fabric. Take your pick, they’re equally as appealing.

You’ll be left with some awesome textures but also a thick knitted fabric that’s ideal for wintery knits. Perfect for a warmer feel once you’re finished and cast off and tramping through next winter’s snow!

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