Knitting Basics – Casting Off

Beginner Knitters 101

Jan 22

Last week I helped you start a knitting project. Straight out the gates you put stitches on your needles and started knitting rows!
(If you’d like to see last week’s video click here)

And as I promised, this week I’m going to help you finish that project.

If you’ve been knitting over the last week you’re now at a point where you need to take those stitches off the needles safely…. and we call that ‘casting off’ in knitting.
Let’s do that today!

Here’s the link to the weaving in yarn ends video, as mentioned in the video.

I’ll be chatting about knitting jargon next week. It can be a total bugbear for knitters and can put some off from knitting at all. Make sure that’s not you by joining me for that video by 
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Thank you so much for showing me how to cast off (knitting). Yours is the only one that made sense and was right to the point and understandable. Thank. You so so much! Janna.

    Hannah Gilly

    So glad this video was helpful, Janna! Happy Knitting 😀

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