What To Do When Knitting Is Hard

Beginner Knitters 101

Jan 12

Knitting can be hard when you’re just starting out

If you add to the mix that are now in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, so there’s just not many other knitters by your side to keep you motivated and help when you go wrong, it feels even harder!

So why is knitting so difficult?
Is it just you that thinks knitting is hard and that you’re the only person in the world who can’t get it?

I promise you you’re not alone.

I found it tough when I started to knit. I found it tough for years and I kept putting it down and picking it up year after year. Something drew me to it, but I wasn’t sure what. My Grandma could knit quickly, she could knit the most beautiful items and was very inspiring for me. But It did make me think that I could only knit that well when I’d been knitting for 40 or 50 years, like she had.

It needn’t take that long!
I’m going to help in this video, guide you into making it feel easier, and set out the steps you can take so knitting fells easier for you – you really can knit…Yes you can!

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