10 Tips For Beginner Knitters

Beginner Knitters 101

Jan 05

When You’re Starting To Knit How Do You Get The Inside Info?

When you’re starting to knit there can be lots of information out there that you want to soak up. Remember the old phrase ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’?

Just recognise that knitting is a whole new part of your life and as knitting has been around for centuries it’s helpful to recognise we’ll possibly never get around to learning quite a lot of it!
Even as a knitter who’s been at it for 40-years, I know there’s so much I’ve never attempted with my needles.

There are also mishaps likely, that you’ll think aren’t possible – stitches appear from nowhere, and what about those holes?!
I’ve got ten tips to guide you as you start knitting for the first time. Have a good watch and see which one helps you.

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Hi Hanna,
Happy new year🎉
I love your tips. Thank you
May I please know the name of the pattern book you used in this video?
We are big fans of Harry Potter, and I saw some patterns based on the books.

    Hannah Gilly

    Hi Katy, Happy new year!
    The book is, the ‘Harry Potter Knitting Magic’ by Tanis Grey. It’s the official one supported by Warner Bros Wizarding World and printed by Pavilion Publishers.

    You’ll also see it in a complete review in last week’s video here

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