Meet The Maker (behind the scenes of Knit With Hannah)

Odds and Ends

Mar 19

What do you want to know?

Are we hiding anything behind the scenes of Knit With Hannah?

Do I have 15 house elves knitting for me when I test out my patterns? (nope, elves are best at cleaning and fetching!)

Is there a yarn store right next door, that caters to my every whim? (oh, how I wish!)

And what about the cameras I use to film all these videos? … Are there fancy camcorders and tele-prompts?

In March each year there is a challenge set for Instagrammers who are makers. If you’re over there on IG you may have seen jewellers and potters sharing more about their lives this month, in #meetthemaker.

I’ve decided to take up the daily prompts and give you more information in two videos.

My husband, Nick, is coming along for the ride, so settle down and find out more from behind the scenes of Knit With Hannah.

Keep a watch out for next week’s video, when I’ll finish the prompts, by subscribing here on YouTube or signing up to my email list- I’ll give you a head’s up when it’s ready to view next Tuesday. 😀

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