New Year Knitting 2021

Odds and Ends

Dec 29

This weekend I pulled out the camcorder and filmed a last minute video for you…
Because, after receiving two knitting books for Christmas I had to share them with you and managed to squeeze them into this week’s video.

I’ve also got some ideas for you if you’d like to create a New Year’s resolution based around knitting. It’s a time of year we can all feel a renewal, and connect to new ideas, plans and visions for the next twelve months. I’ve got 4 ideas for where you might like to take you knitting next.

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If you’d like to explore New year’s resolutions further,these three videos from last year will give you a deeper look at New Year’s resolutions.

Day One: Expectations

Day Two: Focus

Day Three: Progress (to be released 11am, 31st December 2019)

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Links I promised in this week’s video are here:
Knitting skills courses: https://academy.knitwithhannah.co.uk/knitting-skills

Knitting For Profit courses: https://academy.knitwithhannah.co.uk/profitable-knitting

Beginners knitting kits: https://shop.knitwithhannah.co.uk/knitting-kits

And timestamps for parts of the video:
New Years Resolutions, 01:10

What’s coming on Knit WIth Hannah January, 05:20

What’s coming on Knit With Hannah, February, 07:04

Types of videos to expect in 2021, 08:24

Book review intro, 10:15

Practical Knitting Review, 10:46

Harry Potter Knitting Magic review, 16:05

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