How to sew a seam in reverse stocking-stitch

Finishing Your Knits

Mar 13

Whether you call it stocking-stitch or stockinette, or even ‘the wrong side of knitting,’ you will finish knitting one day and realise there’s a seam that needs securing.

And that seam may appear unfathomable. It’s not as confusing as all that. Just take a bit of time to understand the fabric and you’ll be flying up the side there, one stitch at a time.

This has an added bonus of being an ‘invisible seam’. Using mattress stitch we can join the sides with hidden stitches and if you’re brave enough use a completely different colour of yarn, use variegated yarn, or bright neon wool if you so choose.

With each stitch disguised as you take the thread through the ends of each row, you’ll be amazed at the result.

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