How To Sew A Pom To A Hat

Finishing Your Knits

Mar 20

We all need hats with that extra touch of special sometimes. And you’ll find cycles of favouritism through various brands of special if you live as long as me!

Pom-poms were so ‘in’ during the 1970s and they felt a bit nerdy when I was becoming a teenager in the 1980s. All of a sudden they seem to have grown into the world of winter fashion again and I can do nothing but embrace that trend.

Isn’t it so great to find you can knit a hat, then make it that bit more perfect for the final recipient by spending that little more time on it.

Firstly you need to learn how to make a pom, of course! If you need that video tutorial it’s right here.

There are so many ways to make poms, believe me I’ve tried a few and no matter which style you go for you’re going to make a bit of a mess… with trimming the strands of yarn into a perfect (there is no such thing as perfect!!) sphere. I show you one way here, the way I’ve found to be easier and less time consuming than many of the others. If you’d like me to show you other methods comment below and I’ll make sure there are videos up in time for next winter.

Back to today… how to sew on a pom-pom, once you’ve made your fluffy spherical collection of wool:

And you can find the pattern used in this video right here:

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