Sewing A Garter Stitch Seam

Finishing Your Knits

Jan 30

You’ve knitted a rectangle- great job!

Now you need to join it together somehow, to create a knitted headband, a bracelet, a coin purse or a square toque or beanie.

This is where the problem arises… you signed up to learn how to knit, not learn how to sew!

Can you hear the screeching ‘Jaws’ music in the background…. HIDE!

OK, maybe it’s not that bad, but perhaps you feel as if Professor Snape is looking over your shoulder as you make a mess of your antidote potion- I mean we all need an antidote once the fear and adrenaline kicks in! (yes, a cappuccino will do it- but only from your favourite coffee place down the road, and that’s not going to sew up the seam now, is it?)

So get yourself armed and ready, with your knitted rectangle, a blunt knitter’s sewing needle and a pair of scissors.

It’s sewing a seam time, prepare yourself to amaze all those around you-you’re not just a knitter, you’re a sewing star too!


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