How I store my knitting needles

How do you keep track of those knitting needle pairs?

Are they all over the place?

Do you dare not use them, for fear of losing one? And so they turn into yet another bane in your life like ‘find the odd sock’ has become for so many?

For so long I had my knitting needles hidden away in a zipped bag, all nice and tidy. I had sewn a few pieces of fabric together to keep the pairs from separating. That’s when the hassles began. As the pairs got used and I thought,
‘oh, one pair that isn’t tidied away properly will be easy to find next time I need them!’

And that one pair turned into many… and that began to waste more and more minutes every time I wanted to knit. I would spend ages just trying to search through my maze of knitting needles trying to find not just a pair, but the right pair for that specific project!

So if you’re going through the same kind of process every time you want to knit…

This video is for YOU!

I’m more motivated to keep my needles together in pairs as they’re now on display.
This is a much better solution than I’ve had before.

Find some crafting paper, some sellotape and a pair of scissors and you’re all set to go!
(don’t forget your knitting needles too!)

The free beginner’s mistakes series is right here










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