How To Sew A Button to A Hat

Finishing Your Knits

Mar 29

Have you ever knitted a square hat? I mean it’s easy, right? Just plain garter stitch and sew up one seam?
It’s the average hat that you find in your first ‘how to knit a hat’ tutorial.

Then when you wear it does it feel like there’s a bit too much room in the crown?
Maybe the corners are too big and you wish you’d gone for a usually rounded beanie shape instead…

Well here’s your answer, sew two large buttons into the top corners. They’ll do the shaping for you and it will feel a lot more natural when you get to wear it!

And if sewing is just not your forté this step-by-step tutorial will lead you right through the process. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

I’ve used 2x3cm contrasting buttons and some matching aran weight yarn, as the super-chunky yarn that I used to knit that hat would have been far too thick for the eye of the button.

To knit this hat for yourself, You’ll find the Beginner’s Square Button Hat in the pattern shop right here.


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