How To Start A New Row In Knitting

Beginner Knitters 101

Jun 11

This may seem like a topic with a simple answer! (no it’s not April Fool’s Day!)
But how many different types of needles do you own?
And how many times have you picked up your knitting and gone wrong from the very first stitch?

In today’s quick video I’ll show you the very basics of starting a new row in knitting.
Watch me start rows with straight needles single and double pointed, and with circular needles when you’re knitting flat. (Now that sounds a little more complicated!)

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Focus on garter stitch

If you’re a new knitter even this might see like gobble-de-gook! But garter stitch just means that you’re using the knit stitch on every row and every stitch. This is the best place to start.

You can make some amazing things, just by experimenting with the sizes of yarn and needles, along with the colours and fibres that you choose.

Check out this video from a  few weeks ago, that helps you decide what you’re going to knit as a beginner. There’s lots of ideas. And all you’ll need is the skills you’ve learned today.

If you’d like to dive more into beginner knitting, you’ll find your next steps in these two courses. Novice Knitter 1 and 2 give the perfect step-by-step tutorials for beginner knitters, all in one place. You’ll be shaping and creating texture before you know it. It’s the perfect time of year for starting to learn more skills, as by the time autumn and winter appear you’ll be all set to knit up everything you  need for the colder weather.



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