How To Start A New Row In Knitting

Beginner Knitters 101

Jan 19

Once you’ve cast on, you have to start knitting

Yes, that beginner’s jargon is already coming in handy!
The stitches are the individual loops on the needles and the row is what you call the group of stitches that sits on the knitting needle.

Knitting the first row after casting on is the next big step. With every loop (stitch) that’s on your needle you’re going to make another stitch and you’ll see the knitting growing before your very eyes. The fabric that you’re making – be it a potholder, a coaster, a scarf or a scrunchies, you’ll be very impressed with your achievements in half-an-hour’s time!

I’ve included instructions for starting to knit after different cast-on methods as some put the stitches on the left-hand needle and some on the right.
You’ll be flying with your knitting before you know it!

If you’ve used the cable cast-on or knitted cast-on, the long-tail, loop or thumb-loop, I’ve included instructions for you.

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