7 Tips For Knitting With Cotton

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Feb 23

Have you ever knitted with cotton yarn?

It’s not that dissimilar to other yarns. It’ll likely be presented in balls that look no different to yarns made from other fibres.

There are so many things we can knit with cotton and other yarns with the same properties. If you pick up a ball of bamboo yarn, or mixtures which include hemp or linen fibres, you’ll likely be knitting a dishcloth or towel. Perhaps you’ll have a summer cardigan ready to go, or a baby blanket or scratch mitts.

With a large range of cotton yarns and patterns available, it’s useful to realise that you might need to change small things about how you knit to make the knitting easier, feel more comfortable and find fewer hiccups along the way.

What I will share with you today is all I’ve learned over the years from knitting with a wide range of cotton yarns, along with other similar fibres as I mentioned before.

There are things I change about knitting when I’m picking up cotton yarn with my needles and starting a new project. From the needle sizes, the yarn weights for different projects, to how I hold the yarn and needles.

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