Unpicking a seam in stocking stitch

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Feb 20

Let's unpick a mattress stitch seam.
The dreaded feeling of finishing a knit, only for it to not fit!

In this case, is the hat too long or too short?

In another, have you sewn up a seam in a sleeve, only to discover that when you reach the cuff you have completely messed up and there’s two inches of cuff on one side, but you’ve already incorporated most of the other side’s cuff into the seam and the whole thing is completely misaligned!?

Whichever, you have to learn how to fix mistakes when you’re knitting. There’s no getting out of it.

Your knitting genius bestie won’t be there to fix it for you forever! She’ll be on holiday for three weeks, or away at a conference with work, or visiting her sister… you know it’s true. And she’s the worst teacher anyways, you learnt most of your knitting skills on YouTube- let’s be honest!

So get to it… you can fix it yourself. Once you’ve knitted a few hats, made a scarf, and a tea cosy for your Mum, you will be a bit more aware of how the fabric works.

In this video I’ll explain every last detail of unpicking a seam, in this case mattress stitch- the invisible seam- and you’ll be able to take hold of your knitting mishaps and fix them yourself.


If you’re in need of some baby hats, get on down to the pattern shop- both the hats in this video are there… and more.

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