What Knitted Items Sell Best?

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Nov 13

You’ve decided that you want to start selling your knitting, but don’t know what to knit!

There are so many things you love knitting. You have favourite patterns and favourite yarns, so making a choice is difficult. And that’s the main point I want to make here. You need to make a choice and select a small group of items that you’ll be known for.

If you watched the video from two weeks ago, you’ll know that niching was one of the top tips I shared with you, so you can make a profit when selling your knitting.

It’s essential that customers know they can return to you for specific items, rather than blindly hoping you might have knitted a pair of mitts exactly when they need them.

They already know, from buying from you before, that in the last three months you might have knitted mitts. That will be perfect!
But you may disappoint them one too many times by being erratic when you’re knitting for your business.

If you continue knitting like you do for yourself, in three months of knitting you also might have finished hot-water bottle covers, tea cosies, mug cosies, toy elephants and Christmas decorations. You have to realise that following that strategy is not the way to get consistent repeat customers.

You need to fill a shop or collection not with knits from every genre, but with a single niche of items.

Today I’ll help you make a selection that works for you.

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