What’s in my knitting kit right now?

Beginner Knitters 101

May 16

My essentials for knitting have changed over the years, and for different projects I need different things, but this video shows what I keep in my bag, so I know where to find what I need for all eventualities.

Let me know in the comments below what you take with you, no matter what you’re knitting.

If you’re curious about which needles are close to my heart, this video will reveal all.

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[…] If you’d like to see what other tools I carry around with me, see this video for a look inside my knitting kit bag. […]


I keep all that in my bag also, plus a pair of tweezers, some point protectors and a small trio of crochet hooks on a key ring instead of the larger size hooks.
When I work with a pattern I first put a small line (a double underline size when typing)at the end of each row…then I check off each one as I finish it. When I come back I can quickly see where I left off (if I have to stop in the middle of a row I put a small check mark above the spot I quit at). I have done this for years and it works so much better for me.
I really like your videos. Have a great day! ~Tricia

Gloria taylor

Hi Hannah.
I found you on YouTube.
I’ve been a knitter for many years. I wanted a pattern for some Christmas baubles for a project I’m doing yours was just what I looking for ideal.

Many thanks

    Hannah Gilly

    Hi Gloria! I’m so glad you found the bauble pattern. Have a great Christmas and happy knitting!

Carolyn Reid

Hi Hannah. Love your style of knitting. I became a grandmother in January and would love a sock pattern to knit for my lovely little granddaughter. To fit a 12 mth old
Thank you

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