How To Wind Yarn Into A Ball (3 methods)

Knitting Yarn 101

Sep 11

What do you do when you finish knitting an item and you are left with 10g or 15g of yarn from a 50g or 100g ball? That’s not even one ounce, how much use is that going to be?

You’d be surprised!

This week’s video is showing you how I roll left-over yarn into a ball. And all that yarn that I rolled up on camera, I have actually used since!

One of them I used to make a pom-pom and the others have gone into stripey hats. They are so useful, and once they’re wound neatly into a centre-pull ball, the yarn is so much easier to use.

So where to start? You can start with the bare minimum of items. Nothing but your hands and the yarn. I then also go on to using a couple of props- which I’ll show you in the video.

It might feel a bit tricky to start with, but believe me, it is addictive! I now have an obsessive need to wind yarn into a ball whenever it’s leftover from knitting a project.

Let me know in the comments, which yarn you’re winding into a ball and what you were knitting with it so that it’s now left-over.

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