What Is Chunky Yarn?

Knitting Yarn 101

Sep 13

Yes, what is chunky yarn, what is bulky yarn, rug yarn, craft yarn?

There are a few complexities, so let’s break it down and make it as easy as possible to identify and substitute yarn from one pattern to another.

I’ll firstly talk about the different names, as yes, there are a few that have grown from different parts of the world.

We can also dive into the needles that you’ll use, how long the yarn is when you buy a ball of chunky yarn. Let’s also look at the plies again too (covered in what is DK yarn and what is 4 ply yarn, but of course there’s a different grading for chunky!)

You can get an insight into my favourite chunky patterns and I’ll show you the items I love knitting with chunky yarns.

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