Yoga For Knitters: Hands and Wrists

Yoga For Knitters

Jul 22

Self-care when you’re knitting is important for preventing problems before they occur. Taking breaks is something that I will always advocate and beginning to practice yoga, to give a little therapy for the parts of your body that you use when knitting, is the perfect tool to learn.

It’s a great idea to mix up the knitting that you have in your schedule too. If you’re doing a lot of repeating patterns, with twisted stitches or tight decreases, you may notice tension building up. To prevent that causing pain or tightness ideally you’d have a couple of projects onto go at once, so you can switch to a plainer knit which uses different wrist and finger movements.

Enjoy this light yoga video, with a few beginner poses, for a five minute break to support your knitting

But of course be aware: this is not medical advice.

See a doctor or other medical professional if you need extra support and stop if you feel discomfort while practising.

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