Yoga For Knitters: Shoulders and neck

Yoga For Knitters

Aug 03

Yes, incase you’ve not been with me for the last couple of weeks, yoga for knitters is a thing! If you practice yoga, it can provide therapy in so many ways for so many ailments, big and small

When it comes to knitting, it may feel that your fingers are doing all the work, but you’re using a lot of muscles in your shoulders and neck when you’re knitting too! Knitter’s elbow is a real thing, the pain and movement restriction is just like tennis elbow. (we can knit while sitting rather than running around with our needles trying to hit balls of yarn over a net!)

Once you realise how far elbows are from your fingers, well if they’re affected, so are your shoulders, your neck, and upper back. You’re not only moving the yarn and creating stitches, you’re also holding the weight of your yarn and needles. If you’re knitting a large item you’re holding the weight of the fabric that’s hanging from your needles… just stop a minute and think how heavy that feels whenever you switch the needles to start a new row…. that weight needs the strength in your shoulders, neck and upper back.

No worries! we can let go of the knitting occasionally and support the muscles around the joints. We can also strengthen the muscles that we specifically use for knitting, so they feel less strained during and after knitting. Little and often and you’ll notice a difference.

But of course be aware: this is not medical advice.

See a doctor or other medical professional if you need extra support and stop if you feel discomfort while practising.

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