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Yoga For Knitters

Aug 10

If you’re someone who knits everywhere… and I mean everywhere, knitting in the car, knitting on a plane, knitting on a train while you’re commuting…. well this is for you.

It’s so easy to realise after an hour of knitting that you’ve barely moved your head, neck, arms or legs in that time and that a stiffness is building up. These gentle yoga moves are ideal to release that stiffness and to prevent it too if you manage to go through the motions before any tension accumulates.

Put your knitting down for five minutes and take a relaxing break with all, or part, of this video.

Some of the movements may not be achievable if you’re restricted in a small seat, but I’ve managed the majority of them in a car, and the others while on a train, so you can pick and choose which suits you best for different situations.

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But of course be aware: this is not medical advice.

See a doctor or other medical professional if you need extra support and stop if you feel discomfort while practicing.

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