Jun 04

How To Knit One Below: k1b

Knitting Jargon Tutorials

Knitting one below in a pattern is usually about adding more interest to the texture of the fabric. You may also find it in slip-stitch colour knitting where you’ll get intriguing effects by utilising the stitch from the previous row to switch between colours. Join me for this video tutorial where I’ll have a quick […]

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May 14

How To Knit i-Cord

Knitting Jargon Tutorials , Odds and Ends

If you don’t have a French Knitting doll, but you’d like to create a similar tube of knitted fabric, then this is the class for you! Your pattern may say ‘knit i-cord with 4 stitches for 50cm’ and you’re completely baffled. Don’t panic. This is the hitch-hikers guide to i-cord knitting, just make are you’ve […]

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