Knitting Basics: 3 Essential Knitting Tools For Beginners

Beginner Knitters 101

Sep 24

I love going back to basics with any part of my life, my diet, my yoga practice, my capsule wardrobe, and selecting knitting tools for a project is another place where the basics can be incredibly helpful.

Even as a knitter of forty years experience, I love going back to the very first techniques that I learned as a child and doing nothing else. The first place to go, when I’m looking to knit in that way is the tools I’m using.

I choose not to complicate the tools and I suggest this tactic for beginner knitters too.

When you start knitting, the plethora of tools and materials piled into yarn shops can be confusing. You may find yourself wondering why you decided on knitting as your next great project in the first place!

I’m going to help you decide on the first three things you need.

Yes, just three things!

Then, you can start thinking about the next knitting tools, while you’re making progress with your first project.

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