How To Measure Knitting Length

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Sep 17

There will come a point when you start following patterns, where the instructions include a simple sentence such as ‘knit to 10cm’.

That sounds easy enough, but let’s get the measuring part accurate. Once you know how it’s done, you’ll know it for life.

As I’ll show you in the video, make sure you have a clean and sturdy tape measure or ruler to hand. It’s a great idea to keep one in your knitting kit, so that it’s always to hand.

One of the most important parts to remember is to not stretch the fabric that you’re knitting. Also if you’re not reaching the exact point of centimetres or inches as said in the pattern, always knit a little further instead of a little less than the required length.
For this reason be prepared to measure once then knit a couple more rows and measure again.

In this video you’ll learn which tools to use while measuring and how to measure garter and stocking stitch fabrics while they’re still on your needles.

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