7 Tips: Knitting For Baby

Baby Knitting

Feb 09

Baby knitting is universal and ever-lasting

It’s true, we knit the same patterns year after year, decade after decade, and it’s something we likely do every year of our knitting life. Babies just keep coming!

When you’re knitting for baby you want everything to be perfect – so I have lots of tips that I’ve picked up over my many years of knitting cute baby items. Whether you’re confused about the yarn fibre to choose, or the colours that the parents might or might not prefer. It might also the question of what to knit – there are so many options!

From blankets to beanies, scratch mitts to cardigans; I’ve knitted everything. So the seven tips I have for you today are the wisdom of my mistakes and the lucky guesses too.

Then what about the sizes too! I have some insights there, along with an easy trick to completely bypass that problem as you pick up your needles.

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