When Will You Be Ready To Knit A Jumper

Beginner Knitters 101

Feb 02

Wearing a jumper that you’ve knitted yourself is such a thrill

You’ve seen that jumper through every dropped stitch, every wonky seam and every ‘just one more row’ moment a knitter can possibly have. But when can you actually begin that journey of jumper-knitting?

And in fact, what about knitting other large items? Knitters hold lots of different goals in mind.
Some may dream of knitting a large blanket for their bed, others may be craving a Downton-Abbey-style shawl.

So today we are going to focus on knitting jumpers, sweaters or cardigans, but know that this advice will help you if you’d like to knit other large items too.

I’ve got tips for you today to make that hand-knitted jumper part of your life  sooner than you might think possible. And I also have advice on why it is that you may want to hold off from making it your very first project.

It needn’t take you long, but you’ve got a better chance of success if you practice particular knitting skills before you start.

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To find the knitting kits that I mentioned, take a look at the scarves which use three or four balls or yarn:

and to hone your knitting skills as you practice tension and using different types of yarns, take a look at these kits and patterns too:

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