Casting On

Jan 15

Knitting Basics

Beginner Knitters 101 , Casting On

If you want to start knitting, but aren’t really sure where to start, it’s the basics that will help you the most. Setting a foundation in place is perfect for any new adventure. Harry and Draco weren’t supposed to actually explore the skies of Hogwarts during their first flying lesson, as holding the broomstick and […]

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Sep 11

How To Start French Knitting

Casting On , French Knitting

French Knitting is great fun when you know how. And it’s an ideal companion to knitting when you’re teaching your child other yarn crafts. In this video, I’ll show you where to find a french knitting doll, how to cast on and how to get going with growing your tube (AKA i-cord) of knitting. Hang around […]

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Nov 01

How to make your hems stand out.

Casting On

Casting on and starting to knit is great, you’ve started, you’re knitting, but don’t the first bits always look the same? It’s a cast on, it’s stocking-stitch or garter-stitch… no surprises there! This video will give you a new idea… maybe you can become a hooked on dressing up those hems a bit more. See […]

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