Finger Knitting: Stopping Half-Way

Finger Knitting

Feb 18

It’s very useful to have a contingency plan when finger knitting. Simply because your fingers are acting as needles.

You don’t have the choice of putting your fingers down, like you would with knitting on needles,
Let’s make it easier for you to answer the phone, or check Instagram to see how many likes your last photo has!

I have 3 solutions for you today. Take a look in your knitting kit or crochet kit and you may  find what you need even if you don’t have much in the way of tools yet.

The best thing about having this kind of hack to hand is that you can pick up your finger knitting ready to continue whenever you like.

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If you’d like more find with knitting and other yarn crafts, there’s always the children’s knitting course with a dedicated ‘yarn craft cornner’
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