Picking Up Stitches Along A Knitted Edge

Finishing Your Knits

Feb 11

Picking up stitches when you’re knitting can sound like a counterintuitive instruction. As the stitches are already on your needles, right?

You can bet that there will always be phrases in knitting that you won’t understand. Believe me, I come across them regularly too!

This instruction may sound like complete knitting jargon (only those who’ve gone through the initiation ceremony are allowed to knot what it means!)

Knitting jargon isn’t always as difficult as it sounds.

In today’s tutorial I will demistify this jargon for you.

We’re going to knit along an edge of knitted fabric, that I’ve knitted up as a sample and create a line of stitches at 90º to the original rows. This is a technique you might use to knit a button band on a cardigan or a border around a blanket.

You can watch and pick up all the tips I have for you and know you’ll be better prepared when you next need them – or knit along with me now, as you follow your own pattern.


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