What is DK Yarn?

Beginner Knitters 101

Apr 24

If you’re searching a yarn store and constantly see the phrase, ‘dk yarn’ you might start scratching your head,  (or stroking your beard!) while wondering why these two initials came together and began describing a yarn. Everywhere you see it. Is it another part of the secret knitting jargon that is driving you batty and making you feel totally inadequate?

No, it’s actually an antiquated pair of words that has just stuck around a lot longer than many other. We still use it to describe a certain weight of yarn, probably as it’s easier than coming up with another term that we all pick up and are willing to use universally.

So, to put it simply, Double Knitting yarn has a few characteristics that set it apart from other weights… I’ll tell you more in this week’s video.

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