How To Choose Yarn For Knitting: Colour Inspirations

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Apr 09

When you want to start knitting a new project you have to find a few things.

The pattern, the tools and your yarn.

But does choosing yarn for knitting hold you back?

Maybe you need yarn in two or three colours and you just don’t know which combinations to pick?

There are a lot of colour options to find when searching through a yarn store, so let’s pull together some inspiration before we go, so you’ll be better focused and you’ll find it easier to select the perfect yarn and start knitting! (no more dithering!)

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Become inspired by nature

There are many ways you can look at nature for inspiration. Take a first look at anything natural that you see inside your home.

I usually have vases of flowers, especially in the winter when there’s very little colour outside. Int he video you see that I’m inspired by the yellow tulips and the green leaves. If you watched last week’s video you’ll realise that these are a great pair of colours.

Also look at any paintings or photographs you may have of nature. Do you visit snow-capped grey mountains or  beaches with yellow sand and bright blue seas, forests full of pine-green trees and pastel-blue forget-me-nots?
And then there’s jewellery. Are there any favourite gems in your collection? Rings or earring that you wear regularly would be enhanced by a similarly coloured scarf or cardigan.

Watch the video for more ideas.

Look at your current knitwear for inspiration

What do you already wear regularly? This is an ideal opportunity to knit more of the same colour? It’s no myth that particular colours suit people differently, and we all have an inkling what those colours might be.

Pick out those colours, mix and match them. You already know that you wear a red shirt with your indigo blue jeans. So knit with red and dark blue. Perhaps you have a favourite coat and a hat that doesn’t really match. Well, make sure they are cohesive by using both colours when knitting a scarf or pair of mitts. They will make much more sense when you dress for the colder weather next winter.

Watch the video for a bonus tip and if you’d like to know more about knitting items in collections you’ll find lots of inspiration in the Profitable Knitting Secrets course.

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