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Apr 16

You want to knit more quickly?

It’s a battle of fingers and mind! As soon as you decide to knit faster your hands tense up and you focus so much there’s a 99% chance you’ll make more mistakes and feel more pain after each knitting session.
What’s the answer?

I’ll give you lots of tips in this video to speed up your knitting, let’s get those needles clicking faster!

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Knitting doesn’t have to be a race.

We all know the hare and tortoise scenario.

The hare decides to take a nap half-way through the race as he’s complacent about winning.
The hare stops and chats with friends.
The hare has a meal along the race and fills up so he doesn’t feel like racing.
The hare gets bored and mocks the tortoise for running so slowly.
The hare doesn’t notice there are fences and hedges to pass, so injures himself along the route.

If you’re knitting faster, you may come across lots of hurdles as well.

They could include:

  • running out of ideas for knitting projects
  • making more mistakes
  • finding tension building up in muscles
  • experiencing pain in joints and tendons you didn’t even realise you had before!

But there are great benefits to knitting faster too!

  • you’re less likely to get bored of a project so you’ll finish them time and again.. (yay for fewer WIPS!)
  • you’ll not feel guilty about taking longer to finishing knitting a gift for a certain date.
  • you’ll knit more items so learn more techniques in a shorter time.
  • you’ll feel inspired to try new types of knitting with the growing confidence.

This week’s video explores how you can start to knit faster, but I will emphasise how much we need to take the faster knitting slowly!
Watch the video to find out what I mean by that. 😀

One of the best ways to start knitting more quickly is to have a community of knitters around you, they’ll inspire and support your every stitch. Find out more about the Knit With Hannah membership here. It includes patterns and tutorials for over 30 knits, an exclusive 6-module course to add skills to every part of your knitting, a bonus Facebook Group and regular live video knit and natters.

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