How To Knit Moss Stitch

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Jun 13

Also known as seed stitch this is a fabulous stitch pattern for beginners to learn how to use knit and purl stitches in combination.

We all love a good textured knit. It gives a little interest, and with the right yarn you can add a luxurious feel to a simple scarf or beret. Find a simple coloured yarn to really show off the full affect of utilising knitting and purling in this way through the fabric. You can add a garter stitch border if you like, or go full steam ahead as I do in this demo and moss stitch it up all the way!

Moss stitch, as we call it in the UK (also known as seed stitch) is one of the beginner textures that is an absolute classic. It’s been around for generation after generation and every knitter needs it on their repertoire.

Make sure you can tick it off your list… ‘yep, I know that one!’

And at the very least make a couple of knitted face cloths with this simple stitch that goes a long way to look impressive. A real bonus that you’ll find with moss stitch is that you’ll not have any curling (see this previous video for more details) or warping as using the knit and purl stitches in moss stitch balances out the weight of each row.

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