Why Does My Knitting Curl At The Edges?

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May 05

Once you start knitting the purl stitch and combining it with the knit stitch you may notice something strange happening…

Yes, your fabric is curling at the edges, as if it’s been sent to taunt and frustrate you!

There are a few reasons this happens, but mostly it’s about finding a balance between one side and the other.

Confused? Yes, you’re not alone, a lot of knitters ask this question, and I was asking it for a long time too!

Let’s think about this from another perspective, we need to find the yin and yang, create stitch patterns that have equal weight on both sides.
And most importantly decide when it does and doesn’t matter, so you only search for a solution when you need to. This means you can continue knitting along your merry way without changing your pattern at all when the curling doesn’t matter to your finished result.

I’ll give you all the answers, reasons, whens and whys in this week’s video…


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