What Tools Does A Beginner Knitter Need?

Beginner Knitters 101

Jul 04

How much does a beginner knitter need... just one or two pairs of needles, a couple of balls of yarn and some tools- I'll help you find the tools today!

What does a beginner need to buy so you can get started with your knitting?

You’ll be surprised that you may already have everything you need. And, if not, you may have your tool kit sorted with just one trip to the yarn store, or a quick online shopping session, and less than £10.

Take a look at today’s video, where

  • I’ll give you some top tips on keeping your scissors sharp,
  • I’ll explain which type of sewing needle you need for all the ends of yarn that have to be sewn in while you’re finishing your perfect knits and
  • I’ll also help you figure out where you can look when something in your knitting needs measuring.

There are lots of occasions when your knitting pattern will say ‘knit to 10cm,’ or, ‘continue in this pattern until you reach 8inches.’ And being prepared isn’t just a good idea for Brownies, Scouts and Guides… as adults and as knitters it’s probably a good idea too!

One last piece of kit that is a great idea to have to hand, even if it’s not in your tool kit, is a pen and piece of paper or pad of post-its. You may want to note down where you are in the pattern, or which row is next, when you put down your knitting so you’re all set for next time you pick up your knitting.

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