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Mar 05

To knit SSK you need to get your head around slipping stitches.
And when I first saw this and learned the intricacies it felt like I was cheating, as I thought ‘if you’re slipping stitches you’re not actually knitting them!’

What I discovered from practicing a few times, is that you’re actually using stitches from the previous row to create a decrease.
So it makes more sense.
You could have done a backwards k2tog on the previous row and you’d have the same effect… but a backwards k2tog is uncomfortable and far too complicated.

SSK lightens your load as a knitter…. and that’s always a good thing, right?

The next best thing to waving a wand to knit an elf hat, is always going to be finding the cheat’s way (or the easy route) when you’re knitting. 😀

For a sample swatch to practice all the abbreviations from February and March 2019, download the mentioned pdf with swatch pattern and demo links here or click the image below:

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