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Sep 25

You might be surprised to learn that when you start knotting like this you're learning a whole new yarn craft.... yes you're actually doing 'macramé'. Let's knot a friendship bracelet, using my extra fast method to speed you along.
You might be surprised to learn that when you start knotting like this you’re learning a whole new yarn craft…. yes you’re actually doing ‘macramé’. That sounds fancy-pants doesn’t it?!
But all you’re doing that’s different to knitting is taking strands of yarn, so it looks more like weaving and making rows of knots, instead of rows of stitches. It’s easier than it sounds!

I made a lot of these in my teens, with all sorts of different patterns. Once you get used to the simple knotting prices, that I show you in this video, you can start mixing it up and create a lot of exciting patterns with the thread. This week’s video guides you through the simple knotting process that gives you the diagonal stripe effect, which is a great place to start.

If you’re making a friendship bracelet in this way you’re usually expected to find some cotton embroidery threads and a pair of reading glasses (as the knots are so small!).

Well, I’ll buck the trend and say ‘get out your yarn stash!’

Once you start with thicker threads the knotting process speeds along just as knitting with thicker yarn achieves a faster result. And this way it’s easier to learn, so you can size down if and when you want to.

So pull out some aran or worsted weight yarn. Even DK weight will give you a bigger bracelet: see what you can find in your favourite colours and knot along with me.

If you’re following me on social media, you may know that this website has recently been updated. Yay! (if you’re reading this it was a successful upload! woo-hoo!)
The biggest change has been the disappearance of the pattern shop for a few weeks. It’s moving to a different site and will be gone until the end of October.

If you’re feeling the chilly mornings and fancy some fingerless mitts or chunky hats, you can find a lot (not all) of my patterns over on Ravelry. Take a look in the search for Knit With Hannah, or use this link.

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