Knitting Basics: Mistake-Fixing Mindset (and preventing mistakes in the first place!)

Knitting Basics

Jan 14

When we consider knitting there’s the gremlin on the shoulder that says…

“Now don’t even try, you’ll never be good enough, you’ll be the one who messes it all up like no knitter has ever messed up before!”

But let’s get real here. Every single knitter makes mistakes…. believe me…
I’ve been knitting for forty years and I still make mistakes…

Just as I said last week though:

We all make mistakes when knitting.

Mindset may feel like the new cool… but it really is a major part of all our lives. Everything we do has us contemplating and thinking, whether consciously or not. By taking stock and making choices about how we approach different tasks, we are making that thinking easier. We’re training our minds to let go of stress and become the tool we need to overcome small hiccups in our daily lives.

And yes, I’ll even go as far to say that a knitter’s mindset is just as important as the practical skills.
Let’s talk about it today and how your mindset, the way you think and appraoch the knitting sitting in your lap, can make mistake-fixing easier and create fewer mistakes in the first place!


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