How To Knit Yarn Over (YO)

Knitting Jargon Tutorials

Oct 13

Don’t we all love some knitting jargon?

To knit yarn over doesn’t quite make sense, because you don’t actually knit anything. You just move the yarn.

But it’s part of knitting so that’s what we say!

The ‘y’ abbreviation doesn’t come up very often in knitting patterns, but it will usually refer to moving the yarn in one way or another (or another). and that’s what happens with yarn over.

Watch today’s full tutorial to find out exactly how you move this one, and how easy it can be to remember too. I’ll demonstrate on the knit side and purl side.

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Here’s a link to the jargon demos pdf, that I mentioned in the video.

And if you’d like to learn more about lace knitting, this e-course will give you a great grounding in lots of lace techniques for beginners:

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